For Self Storage it is paramount that facilities stay TOP of Mind, Storage Compass guides customers to facilities via a multi pronged digital approach.

Staying TOP of Mind on and offline today involves four key factors:
At STORAGE COMPASS, every plan we develop, every strategy we deploy, and every task we complete begins with the end goal of keeping our clients TOP of Mind. Long term success in self storage starts with being the first to be thought of when customers need storage. We are a digital marketing agency founded by self storage owners for self storage owners and their unique needs. Tired of the SEO hype or the lasted PPC push, let us find out exactly what your facility needs in your market together and get you TOP of Mind.

Some of Our Clients

We work with incredible people and incredible companies. Below are just a few.

We understand running a self storage facility and trying to be seen and remembered online. We are no just marketers but Self Storage Owners

About Us

Self Storage Marketing is changing. No longer will people just walk in the door because your open. As competition increases and classic storage print advertising fades away, Owners and managers need to evolve the way they market facilities. As search engines, social platforms and online marketing tools get more sophisticated, a certain expertise is needed that stays at the forefront of all the changes in order to keep facilities TOP of Mind. At Storage Compass, online facility marketing IS ALL WE DO.

Is your facility advertising reaching potential renters online?


Have you ever been on a website, looking at a pair of shoes, and that pair of shoes follows you around to every other site you visit after? Yeah, we can do that for your business. Since 98% of visitors to your site won’t do
anything the first time they visit, it’s important to stay top of mind.

Video Marketing

Ever watched a Youtube video, how about facebook? Did the video get your attention? We can do the same for your self storage facility.


Self Storage Online Marketing has been revolutionized with analytics and metrics from every facet of an online strategy that is property implemented. Where do you online customers come from, how did they find the facility, mobile, desktop, google, facebook, knowing these certain key metrics can not only maximize every online dollar spent but completely transform your business and it all starts with Storage Compass. We can help you understand what your marketing is truly doing for your business. Clicks to a site are great, but what is happening once people to get your site? Storage Compass only cares about one thing, growing your business.

Let’s Do This!

As facility owners ourselves we understand that closing sales calls, facility maintenance, employee issues, government compliance, pushing P and Ls, auctions and everything else that is storage we understand that marketing has traditional been a small part due to lack of competition. NO MORE, storage competition is fierce and the big boys have a financial advantage nationally, but locally we can help you compete head to head and win.

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