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Super Simple Ad Tweak: You are going to Kick yourself for not thinking of
Put an Offer in The Headline

One sure fire way to get your Adwords ad out in front of the competition is to add a special offer to it.  Specifically out our stores we are adding segmented offers, meaning, if a certain type of unit is below our bench mark occupancy of 85% we will offer half off the first month if a client was to reserve that unit online only.  

secret****Here is the secret sauce**** We add the special to the adwords ad but we use specific wording in the ad to direct the traffic to the unit type we are looking to fill up.  For Example if I am looking to increase my 10x20 unit storage, I would right an ad copy like this:

Storing A Car?  Take 50% off the first month

or if I am looking to increase my 5x10 occupancy

Need Bike Storage? Take Half Off the First Month

good idea text lightbulb illustration designWhen you have low occupancy of a certain type of storage unit, think of what your customers usually use them for and offer Web Only discounts for storing those particular items.  Most customers have a hard time picturing exactly what will fit in a particular unit size, but if you break it down like "You Can Store Your Car" your customer can easily picture in their mind the approximate size of the unit.

Being able to make your Ad words ad relate directly to the situation your prospect is currently in and then offering a one time discount on the solution will definitely make your ad stand out from the competition and increase your Clicks.  

Now Get To it and Lets See Rent Some Units!



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