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If your anything like me, when I first started using Adwords I just followed along with the Google Set up guide. I entered some seed keywords, the google planner spit out everything

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under the sun that related to my keywords, I added them to my campaign, set up and ad and off we went. There we were Google Adwords and I finally making the phone ring off the hook….or maybe not. What Happened?! I have all these clicks to my ad but no phone calls…how can this possibly be true…some many clicks but no phone calls.


What was my Problem, I was only using one type of keyword Match for my ad setup…..the most expensive set up!

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There are 4 types of ways to set up your keywords in Adwords for Self Storage.

  1. Broad Match – If a prospect searches a word even remotely having to do with a keyword you added to your campaign(or not) google will show you ad to them.  For Example your campaign includes the keyword storage(as it should) and a customer searches closet storage systems, your ad will show using broad match.  Now is that person a likely self storage customer….maybe….maybe not.  Either way if they click and don’t need Self Storage you pay and on the other side if they don’t click your quality score goes down and you pay more(I will get to quality score later).  Broad Match is with out a doubt the most expensive way to run an adwords campaign and conveniently the default.
  2. Exact Match – Exact Match is pretty self explanatory, if a customer searches Storage in Google, if you have Storage in your campaign as exact match, your ad will show up.   Exact Match is one of my preferred settings as it narrows the field to people who search exactly the keyword I want to pay for.
  3. Phrase Match – Phrase Match will allow your keywords to show in searches that are a phrase and close variations of that phrase and are shown in quotes “”.  For example “Storage” will allow that keyword to show up for the Google Search Storage Units Near Me.  Phrase match is another one of my preferred campaign settings.
  4. Broad Match Modifier – Broad Match modifier will allow your ad to show if your keyword is Storage Units and someone searches for Units for Storage and is denoted in the campaign with a plus sign (+) in front of the keyword.  This allows for some of the flexibility of Broad Match while being able to target certain keyword searches as the same time.

Stress Free Zone Next Exit, Creative Highway SignSo there you have it, the 4 ways google allow you to set up your adwords campaign and by and large most of the time I see Self Storage clients set up as the most expensive….Broad Match.  As with any campaign each owner should test.  I would suggest setting up all keywords in a campaign as Exact, Phrase and Broad Modifier, I never use Broad.  Once you have your keywords set up for the 3 start running traffic to see which ones perform the best meaning which types has the best CTR and then adjust accordingly.

Happy Adwording!

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